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While leaving T-Bird hospital the other morning for husband’s pre-op appt, picked up the August 11 Edition of the Glendale Star.  What an interesting Edition to say the least. Anyone […]

While leaving T-Bird hospital the other morning for husband’s pre-op appt, picked up the August 11 Edition of the Glendale Star.  What an interesting Edition to say the least.

Anyone heard bout the new Park N Swap appearing right here in Glendale in about a month.  Apparently there was a huge 27.5 acre former industrial site with a large steel structure at 6112 N. 56th Ave which is just North of Bethany Home Road.  The amazing information or possibly ‘coincidental’ piece of information is who the purchaser of the property is – Delaware North Companies who operate many Park N Swaps all over the country.  My reasoning for calling this ‘coincidental’ is the name of the purchaser being a Delaware Corporation that is being made a big deal of by Mr. Gary Hirsch whereby the Tohono O’odham Nation bought land in 2002 under an assumed name.  Possibly Councilman Lieberman could elaborate on this actual Delaware Corporation name.  Could it be same one that purchased the property where the Park N Swap is going to be?  We will be asking that question as Council comes back in session in August.

Also, remember the City of Glendale just about at a point of bankruptcy with all the frivolous lawsuits involving the Coyotes and the Tohono O’odham Nation???  Well, this Park n Swap costs $4.2 million just for the property & 120,000 sq ft building and then another $3.7 million in improvements.  Guess we should be glad this ‘Delaware’ corporation is footing the bill. What about afterwards though.

There are to be about 290 indoor vendors and approximately 390 outdoor vendors after this PnS opens in September.  Not to far away.  Supposed to be a year around shopping experience for our residents here in the West valley and outlying areas.  The times of operation will be every Wednesday evening and every Friday through Sunday with a wide range of products and services, a one-stop shopping experience if you will.  The concept – offer a ‘seemingly’ endless venue of opportunities.  Supposedly this is different from all the other Park N Swaps in that there will be no alcohol permitted on the premises, only food or beverages except for personal consumption is allowed, no guns, no ammunition, but they will be allowed to sell knives and defense sprays.  (comment:  Casino/Resort/Convention Center/Restaurants – definitely a year around venue open 7 days a week.)

Now when we first moved here we used to go to the Washington Street Greyhound Park Park N Swap.  It was always packed. It also had Beer vendors. It also got extremely hot during the summer months and by noon, you were ready to drop.   Over the years, the number of vendors dwindled; there were finally covered areas installed, but in the summer months, attendance and vendors was at a minimal.  Even the huge Park n Swap in Chandler area is seasonal.  Possibly the ‘indoor’ part of this new one will be able to handle the summer season dropout rate.

Hee is where I want to bring up another ‘great’ idea Glendale had that went nowhere.  Zanjero Project across from Westgate from a few years back.  This was to have all sorts of shopping, restaurants, business offices, even the Zanjero Corporate Falls Center that cost over $44 mil to build and it went bankrupt twice.  The only vendors that actually are in Zanjero is Cabella’s which cost $16 mil, a Cracker Barrel, then possibly the New York Pizza is part of this as well as an apartment complex and about 5 small hotel/motels and an awful lot of still empty land doing nothing and one Business Corporate center that went bankrupt twice and is pretty much worthless Unless…..the Tohono O’odham Nation Resort/Casino is allowed to build on the adjacent land to the bankrupt Corporate Center. This 137 acre parcel of land they legally purchased and want to (need to by law) put into trust a section of this land into Reservation for the Casino to be built.  This could bring the value up to any prospective buyer of the Zanjero Corporate Falls Center, which if anyone has noticed, no one is jumping at that rather ominous nice looking structure.

Another thing to consider.  While this huge Park n Swap may handle 290 indoor vendors, with possible 390 outside vendors, where do all these vendors who are willing to pay for their spots hoping to make a profit come from.  Drive through downtown Glendale, outskirts of downtown City of Glendale, all the way up into Westgate area and you will see empty building after empty building, restaurants that have gone out of business, all of Glendale Avenue from about 51st ave-55th Ave down to the freeway is pretty much desolate and depressed looking, it’s just not a pretty site to behold.  So, where o where does all this hopeful revenue come from.  Is this going to be another City of Glendale Folly?  Only Time will Tell.

On to the brighter side of life and revenue for City of Glendale that some are just totally oblivious to – the Tohono O’odham Nation Resort/Casino with Restaurants and Shopping and a huge Convention Center facility.  Councilman Phil Lieberman, Cactus District has an extremely well done Guest Commentary providing a good positive outlook on having the Casino built on the 137 acres at 91st Ave/Northern to the 101 Loop area.  Cudos to you Councilman Lieberman!

With construction jobs being almost nil at this point in time, this will create around 6000 Construction jobs.  That’s what’s called Real Job Creation!  Put money in the pockets of the taxpayers in order for revenue to be generated.  People will be working, going over to Westgate to shop, eat, and drink and ‘spend’ money.  All of that is ‘taxable’ purchases going to City of Glendale because all that including Cabella’s for clothing, and such things that construction workers like to purchase is within the City of Glendale’s city limits.  So Glendale creates jobs, creates revenue, brings in taxes, keeps people in their homes, feeds their families, and provides Purchasing Power – ALL good things.

After completion of the Resort/Casino, there will be around 3000 permanent jobs created.  All working at the Resort, Casino, Convention Center, shops, Restaurants, etc.  The same scenario still exists.  If we’re all about the citizens of Glendale, helping them have purchasing power, jobs, keeping their homes, and feeding their families, vs whether money is coming into City of Glendale General Fund, then this job creation of 3000 jobs for our residents here in Glendale is a good thing.

Councilwoman Clark, you better put your thinking cap on one more time and really delve into this from your heart to see what is an overall good for the people of Glendale vs the selfish personal thinking of putting revenue into the General Fund for the City of Glendale where the Council uses the money as it sees fit for whatever it sees fit to use it for.  People are very tired of hearing from Government entities ‘but it’s for the good of the people’ or ‘it’s for your own good’ as if we people are stupid and don’t know what’s good for us.

The Nation’s Resort/Casino is a very positive venue being brought to the outskirts of Glendale with easy access to and from the 101 loop.  Even at the last Council meeting before summer recess, Mayor Scruggs made the statement ‘the Tohono O’odham Nation’s 137 acres’.  She made admission this land is their land.

It will enhance the area, bring home values up, bring in additional entertainment different from what is currently brought in at Westgate, have FREE parking which at the moment the one good thing still present at Westgate, the Arena, and University of Phoenix, is the FREE parking.  FREE parking is what helps bring people in.  The $12-$15 a car parking fee at the State Fair grounds sends people away when having to add that to the price of admission to any type of venue there.

It will be a Positive addition to what is already there.  It will bring in more people, additional place to stay so more people with Conventions will come here, will be able to handle more and larger Convention venues which bring in more people, more people bring in more revenue, which is spread out at the Resort area, Westgate, and surrounding restaurants and shopping.  It all goes hand in hand when one looks at it properly from a business standpoint.  I’m very surprised at Councilwoman Joyce Clark’s negative view of this as she has always struck me as someone with a good sense of business.  Perhaps I’ve been mistaken.

The Nation Resort / Convention Center / Casino stand one heck of a better chance of succeeding and bringing in more substantial steady stream of revenue into the City of Glendale than this partial seasonal Park n Swap.  Park n Swap is maybe a bandaid to assist but not the answer.

Please check out the August 11, 2011 edition of the Glendale Star to get a good handle of the positive ramification of the Nation’s Resort/Casino by Councilman Phil Lieberman, and the ill advised misinformation / untruth of Councilwoman Joyce Clark.  It will be well worth the reading.

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