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YES YES YES!!!!! Mark your Calendars on Wednesday July 24, 2013.  GrassRoots Tea Party Activists along with a few other Tea Party Groups including Deer Valley Tea Party and others […]


Mark your Calendars on Wednesday July 24, 2013.  GrassRoots Tea Party Activists along with a few other Tea Party Groups including Deer Valley Tea Party and others are coming together to present a special TEA PARTY EVENT with a very special Speaker.

Took approximately 2 months to secure this date.  Now we need to secure a location.  But, we have the Denny’s Restaurant Banquet Room on Thunderbird you say.  Why, you would be correct.  Only thing is we can only get up to 80 seats in that room, and we feel that this individual needs to have more than 80 people show up and we need to be able to pay his fee, but more importantly, he is just way to important a dynamic speaker to not share and pull the Tea Party organizations together.

We need to show this State of Arizona that the Tea Party is not dead.  We are alive and well and we’re not going to take it any more.  We’re going to stand up and fight for what is right and keep our Country FREE and keep our liberties and our freedoms.

I will keep posting little bits and pieces throughout the month of May with more information come June.  What we at the GrassRoots Tea Party Activists need from you all out there is to mark your calendars, and start the wheels turning and the message going like wildfire.  This is all about bring the Tea Party as a whole back to life.  It is NOT about one individual Tea Party geared to any one specific group of people but to ALL Americans, ALL Citizens, ALL Arizonans who need a shot in the arm to get back in the game and get involved.

Saving our Country, Bringing the Tea Party as a whole back to life is not about one individual tea party group focusing on themselves as getting this particular speaker to ‘speak’ at their little tea party group just to satisfy a few who may not be willing to get out of their comfort zone.  This is about a gathering of Tea Party groups on a large scale for the purpose of the Tea Party as a WHOLE group supporting one another to show we all are still alive and well and ready to fight the good fight.  Come together to bring in a speaker to speak to a large crowd of all people, both young and old, sharing, laughing, teaching, getting excited about having a Tea Party and Tea Party groups, and exciting the people of 100-200 people who will go away and take the message with them to others and growing the Tea Party groups again.  This is about waking up a sleeping giant.  Getting out of the box, and seeing the bigger picture vs looking at everything with blinders.

I’m excited about what is coming; I’m passionate about what is coming in July.  We all can make it big or small.  All depends on your thinking.  Are you all about yourself, or are you all about the Big Picture and our Tea Party Growing, Keeping Arizona RED this election, taking it back from the Progressive Liberals, taking it back from the Socialist Communist Progressives.  It’s all up to you and your thinking.  Get Excited!

Just remember JULY 24!!!!!  It’s FREEDOM MONTH!  The Month of July 4, Independence Day!  Let’s make this INDEPENDENCE MONTH of July!

Later – and THINK BIG….



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