MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – A Time for Truth is Here!



2 Responses to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – A Time for Truth is Here!

  1. You can find all types of info on Dr. Carl Goldberg. He is on Facebook so info can be found there. Google his name and you can find out where he’s speaking and his articles. He is constantly updating his classes and info. We had him speak last year 2018. He speaks all over the Phoenix Valley various tea party’s and organizations.

  2. Bryan Flowers says:

    I switched to the Republican party due in part to Donald J. Trump, president of the United State, because he tells it like it is. He is the best example of over coming adversity. I commented criminal offenses more than ten years ago and have spent the past ten years over coming those mistakes and coming the man my parents, family and friends have come to truly know. I feel great and thank you Mr. President also for making the US great again. By great I mean this is now a country that recognizes a person is not defined my one action.

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